Hope for an empty heart

Who can fill the gap
The need
The loneliness
Deep on the inside of me?

On the outside
I’m perfect
No hair out of its place
I don’t need a thing

So many people I can fool
Sometimes even myself
But then I’m brought back to reality
Not all is okay

There is a search for meaning
Deep on the inside of me
Who am I
Without all that I put on?

Take my smile
Take my fancy car
Take fame and riches
Tell me what is left on the inside?

So many people I fool
Some even dream of being me
Still I am hopeless
Deep on the inside of who I am

I have no hope
For now some would say
For sure!
Still I know what lies on the inside of me

I long for certainty
Assurety of where I belong
Is it trust in myself?
Does it lie in the works of the hand, idols it is called

I do not know
I do not know
Who can take the emptiness
The loneliness outside?

I can dear child
I can
You’ll need to come down
From the throne you have built for yourself

If you stay up there
You’ll never have the fullness found in My heart
You’ll need to surrender
You’ll need to bow the heart

If you’ll trade what you have
Riches and fame! you say
An empty you I say
You can have what I came to give

The enemy wants you to believe
You’ll be giving up so much
Why is it that he is not telling you
What you’ll be gaining instead?

You’ll have Me
Dear child with Me
You will never ever again search for more
In Me you will find the true meaning of Life

Life in its fullness
Where a smile doesn’t cost a fortune
Where happiness will flow from the inside
You will be so full, you’ll have Me on the inside!