Please see Me

You are my King
The Refuge of my soul
My Stronghold
My Peace

Nothing I can receive
From this world
Its peace is fake
Words full of deceit

The only true King
Is Jesus you see
He is the Anchor
Our Hope you see

Make Him your King
Invite Him in
Dear world you will see
He can change anything

You have not seen
Or known anyone like Him
Please dear world open your eyes
Make sure you see Him

Don’t wait until it’s too late
Don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed
Live for Him
Make Him your King

There is no one else like Him
He is the only King
Other gods only try
He is the TRUE ONE

Please, please see Him
Make Him your King
Live for Him
Begin with inviting Him in

Forsaking all others He says
They can only give you glimpses of Me
I am fullness He says
Come to Me

I see the desire
I see the need
You don’t know, haven’t realised the reason
I it is

Dear child come to Me
Make Me your friend
Let Me come in
I AM what you need