Heavenly Dad

It floods my soul
The deep peace inside
I cannot describe
Just how awesome You are

Father I need to say
Thank you
Thank you for everything
Thank you that You’ve always been there

You are the best Dad
This world could ever have asked for
Earthly dads can only try
Some of them have so scarred the way we see You

We think to ourselves
If this is what a father does
Hitting, Abusing, Cursing
And all things alike

I would rather never ever
Even think about getting to know
My heavenly Dad
Imagine the judgement, the heartache!

Dear friend if you could see
Please understand
Our heavenly Dad is no where near
Earthly dads can only try!

Some of them
Have also been hurt
Some of them really never knew
There could be more

It is because they
Never really knew it themselves
It is because they have been hurt
By yes, their past

I know it’s not easy dear child
The best is to forgive
Release them, let go He says
Leave them in My capable hands

I’ve been trying for years
Never stopping in their ears
Their hearts chose to not listen
Still dear child I tell you there is hope

If they will allow Me
To touch their lives and hearts
With the same light
That I’ve touched yours

They could also have new lives
Believe Me dear child
They also stand a chance
Even if they have been broken by their past

Release, Forgive and Let go He says
Friend that is the best news you could have
Our King is Father also
Creator of heaven and earth

Make Him your Savior
Invite Him in, open up
You will discover a Dad
10 Million times better than the ones of the earth.