An empty promise

Who will walk the road with Me?
Who will answer the call?
Dear children you are so quick
To say yes

Still you let go of My hand
When we get to the first bend?
It is like the marriages on earth
You say yes only until it begins to ask work

I’m looking for loyalty dear child
Loyalty saying I will remain true
Lord I will not forsake you for another
I will keep on until we reach the end

Dear child that is what I seek
Faithful children
Trusting Me
Children who will not give up

It is so tough starting the journey
When I know it is not going to last
Please dear children let your words be your honour
Please commit until the end

Commitment that is all it takes
Commit to getting to know Me
Commit to obey when I ask
Commit your body, soul and mind

Commit your lives
Commit your plans
Commit what you do have
And see how all can be turned around.