I will not let go
Abba Father I do not always understand
Your ways are for sure beyond my reach
You see the bigger picture

The only one I see is mine in part
I’ll continue to trust Your heart
Because I know who You are
You are my Father-God

You gave all You had
Because of Your great love for me
Your offer of love
Brought change to the eternal destination of all mankind

You gave Hope
To a world lost without Your Ways
Rays of Light
You offered a world going Astray

You thought about saving all the world
I can not nearly see the picture You do
That is why
I will continue to trust Your heart

Abba Your heart is LOVE
In its purest form
Not self-seeking, not self-boasting
But always to share Your love

I hide myself in You
I run to You
You are my Strong Tower
I will not turn away from You