Dancing child

There’s a longing in my soul
A very deep need for Thee
Father please hear my prayer
And give me more of You

I long so much for You
There is a deep thirst in me
Father please hear my prayer
And give me more of You

Please answer me
Help me
Teach me
Show me how to love You more

I long for Your courts
To dance before Your throne
To truly be
Just me

Please help me to not be afraid
To not listen to the world and all she brings
To ignore the voice of the enemy
Telling me I’m not fully free

So often times I feel constantly condemned
I know it’s not from You
Your heart for me is freedom
No barriers between you and me

I long for Your fullness Father-God
I long for Your truth
I long for Your fire
I long for You

Please dear Lord hear my cry
Break down and set me free
From everything trying to entangle me
Everything aiming to come between you and Me

I long for You
I need Your courts
Nothing else compares
Every time I try this is what I see

I need You Lord
I need You
Please hear my plea
Give me more of You

I long for You
Your courts
Your presence
You in me.


Running the race

I see the challenges you face every day
I know of the temptations coming your way
Sometimes you fall
Sometimes you are able to stand

Dear child one mistake doesn’t dictate your future
Difference is, do you realise it is a sin?
Do you care to change?
If you have committed to staying on this road with Me

It will get better each step that you take
I am not here to condemn you
I am here to care
I understand, I am with you all the way

Sometimes it will feel as if you are falling all the time
Sometimes you will feel like just giving up
Sometimes it will be hard to forgive yourself
Sometimes you will feel as if you have lost your way

Continue to get up dear child
I have not condemned you
Every step of the way I am there
Through Me you will grow strong

Through Me you will be able to stand firm
As much as you need Me
I will be there
Surrender, yield to Me daily

Days will become weeks
Weeks will become months
Months will become years
Slowly but surely you WILL grow

Into maturity
Into total dependence
Into total trust
Into total surrender

Dear child it starts with a step
Small, slow ones at first
Later on you will run
Strong, determined steps to Your King!

I love you dear child
Always and forever

Believing the truth

You have tasted the destruction that ‘life’ brings
They wanted you to believe all would be so great
I can see dear child
O how you have been lied to!

They made you believe that I am old-fashioned
They made you think I did not understand the now-and-here
How they have lied to you
How you have believed every word!

I long to protect you!
I long to give you all that your heart needs
True fulfillment, lasting joy
If only you would start believing the truth

My Word shows you the way in the current age!
Yes I am not long-ago, once-upon-a-time
I see your every footstep
I care about each and every one you take!

If only you would start believing Me!
All the pain you now experience
Yes it was the cause of all the lies they wanted you to believe
It is not too late dear child!

With Me it is never too late
Our journey could start just now
If only you would put your hand in Mine
And yes, start believing the truth!

I love you with an everlasting love
I would forgive you if only you would ask
No one or nothing is beyond My reach
Please will you ask?!