Running the race

I see the challenges you face every day
I know of the temptations coming your way
Sometimes you fall
Sometimes you are able to stand

Dear child one mistake doesn’t dictate your future
Difference is, do you realise it is a sin?
Do you care to change?
If you have committed to staying on this road with Me

It will get better each step that you take
I am not here to condemn you
I am here to care
I understand, I am with you all the way

Sometimes it will feel as if you are falling all the time
Sometimes you will feel like just giving up
Sometimes it will be hard to forgive yourself
Sometimes you will feel as if you have lost your way

Continue to get up dear child
I have not condemned you
Every step of the way I am there
Through Me you will grow strong

Through Me you will be able to stand firm
As much as you need Me
I will be there
Surrender, yield to Me daily

Days will become weeks
Weeks will become months
Months will become years
Slowly but surely you WILL grow

Into maturity
Into total dependence
Into total trust
Into total surrender

Dear child it starts with a step
Small, slow ones at first
Later on you will run
Strong, determined steps to Your King!

I love you dear child
Always and forever