We promise

Abba Lord how can You possibly forgive us
For all the times we continue to fail
All the times we fall short
All the times we give in to temptation

We feel so terrible after it’s done
It is so difficult to lift our heads
Look the world in the eye
And admit “I’ve done it again”

We try so hard to stand strong
We give it our all
Still we fall
We cannot do it Lord, we cannot do it on our own

We need help
We truly do need help
On our own we’ll never make it
There is no way we’ll ever be able to stand strong

We need help Lord
Please help us to grow strong
Please help us to forgive ourselves
Please help us to not let go

As long as we hold on to Your hand
We will grow strong
We will become mature
We will be sons of God

You do not require perfection
You require a heart willing to change
Willing to work at it
Willing to listen to that small, still voice

We will get there Lord
With Your help, we will!
We promise to not let go of Your hand
We promise to let you lead the Way