Believing the truth

You have tasted the destruction that ‘life’ brings
They wanted you to believe all would be so great
I can see dear child
O how you have been lied to!

They made you believe that I am old-fashioned
They made you think I did not understand the now-and-here
How they have lied to you
How you have believed every word!

I long to protect you!
I long to give you all that your heart needs
True fulfillment, lasting joy
If only you would start believing the truth

My Word shows you the way in the current age!
Yes I am not long-ago, once-upon-a-time
I see your every footstep
I care about each and every one you take!

If only you would start believing Me!
All the pain you now experience
Yes it was the cause of all the lies they wanted you to believe
It is not too late dear child!

With Me it is never too late
Our journey could start just now
If only you would put your hand in Mine
And yes, start believing the truth!

I love you with an everlasting love
I would forgive you if only you would ask
No one or nothing is beyond My reach
Please will you ask?!