If we’ll only listen to what You have to say

Lord I would rather walk this road with You Than with anyone or anything else You are the TRUE ANSWER You are the One who truly cares You made me You know exactly what You have destined me to be Even though I make bad decisions Even though I don’t always listen to what You say You can turn anything into good Even the consequences … Continue reading If we’ll only listen to what You have to say

To be complete

The need every person on earth has In the very deepest part of them Can never ever be fulfilled, satisfied or quieted With all the earthly and fleshly pleasures of the earth O yes it satisfies for a period And yes you must continue to go back Keeping on feeding the flesh How you are being ruined without any comprehend If you would only choose … Continue reading To be complete


Are you living in My fullness? Are you living in all that I came to give? Eternal joy and peace With Me they will never cease I will always dry your tears In the valleys I’ll be there I’ll keep you safe In the storms I’ll hold your hand If you would take My hand You will see My goodness You will experience My faithfulness … Continue reading Fullness