If we’ll only listen to what You have to say

Lord I would rather walk this road with You
Than with anyone or anything else
You are the TRUE ANSWER
You are the One who truly cares

You made me
You know exactly what You have destined me to be
Even though I make bad decisions
Even though I don’t always listen to what You say

You can turn anything into good
Even the consequences of a bitter past
Filled with wrong choices
Filled with wrong answers

Today I can make a change
Today I choose life
My past does not have to determine my future
It is never too late to start walking with You

I will put my hand in Yours
The responsibility for my choices I will face
Knowing that You are with me
Believing that You can change all for the good

Who can do that better than You?
You take what we are willing to give
If we continue to trust You and not let go
We will see ashes-turned-into-beaut!