Stubborn Feet

Some of us are so filled with regret
Of I-will-not-forget
Some of us are so stern,
I-will-not-be-moved o dear

Can you understand
Will you take it in dear friend
You’re staying stuck in one place
Unable to move your feet

How will you ever step into love
How will you ever step into healing
How will you ever begin to forgive
If you deny to lift your feet and resolve to staying there

Abundance lies around the corner
A hopeful, expectant life is holding out its hand
You’ll never enter in
If you continue to keep your feet in one solid place

You are stuck to the ground with unforgiveness
Bitterness and I-will-not-forget
Can you see dear friend how this is draining
The very last bit out of your last breath?

Perhaps it is because you do not realise
That freedom is awaiting you around the bend?
His name is Jesus, the King of Forgiveness
With Him all bitterness do end

Will you turn to Him
Take His hand
Lift your feet?

I speak life to your legs
They will lift you up
And put you on mountains
You will never regret.