Do you commit?

I am Goodness
I am Peace
I am Life

I complete
Favour, Mercy, Kindness?
Look at Me

You continue to run from Me
I’m all they say and more
I love you and how I hope
That you would love Me back

My love can make you beautiful
My love completes
My love is truly the answer
To all you seek

You continue to run from Me
I do not understand
I AM Relationship
Much more than going to church on Sunday or thinking about Me now and then

I’m talking 24 hours a day
I’m talking connection
I’m talking relationship
The best one you can ever have

There is absolutely no condemnation in the love I have for you
Yes there are a lot that you would need to turn from
But do you realise that every single one
Is intended for your safety, your life, your peace?

You are so easily listening to all the enemy gives
Your eyes and ears, your heart…
There is absolutely no self-control
In what you allow to receive

Do you know dear child
Do you perceive
Yes even the ones that are bad

I so long for you to have completeness
To have SHALOM
To be whole
That is what I came to give you know

I am unable to give
Because you are unable to receive
You turn to everything else
Using Me only when all else fails

I so long to give you life
I so long to give you peace
I so long to give what I know your spirit desires
Can I ask you please dear child to start saying no to the flesh?

You cannot allow your flesh to partake
In all that the world calls life
Initially it looks like fun
The end of it is death

The desires of the flesh can never ever compete with the fullness found in Me
But how will you ever know if you do not start to seek
Seek Me in My fullness
Seek Me with your all

Believe Me, take My Word
I am the completeness you so long for
Yes of all you hope, believe and pray to ever have

Do not let the enemy tell you that you are not what it is all about
You are so very precious to Me
I came that you could have life
If you would only understand

I came for you to have fullness, I came for you to have life
I came for you to be the very best you could be while being here on earth
The decisions you are making is not beneficial
It is hurting you more than you could possibly perceive

In Jesus you are white
In Jesus you are more than acceptable to Me
Do you know that the blood of Jesus cleanses even from the darkest sin
There is NOTHING that my blood can not wash away

If only you would come to the cross and believe
My Word is the purest and truest thing this world has ever seen
You can believe every word
I AM TRUTH and in Me there can and will never be anything less than that

Why do you believe that you are not good enough?
I can hear the enemy whispering by your ear
This is not for you
It is not real

My precious child I am so much more than a fairy tale
If only you’d believe
I will not lie
I cannot lie

People often come to Me only after they’ve tasted the destruction and death that the end of sin receives
How I hope they would turn to Me before they end up there
So very few believe that My heart’s desire for them is PEACE
My heart for them is Love

Perhaps it is because the world has an 180˚opposite view of who I really am
If only you’d believe
Through Jesus you can enter
True life could start just here

So many people stop with Jesus
They accept Me as their Saviour
But never do realise that a heart-change
Does require a life-change

If you really love Me
You’d love all that I love
A lot of the things found on earth today
Has no value or carry true joy and lasting fulfillment

I long for you to discover the True Me
How I long for you to know Me
How I long for us to get to a place
Where we are truly one

My dear child I know it is a process
But tell Me do you commit?
Will you seek Me with your all?
Trust Me I AM all, If only you’d believe

Life in the Spirit
Is the fullness of all you seek
I am waiting
Please will you close the gap?

Do you realise that once you commit
Yes, with your whole heart
You’re not alone
You have a Friend

My Grace will lead you on
My Grace is all you need
If you would ask
I’d make you strong

Even in your weakness
You are strong
Because I am with you
Because you continue to hold on

Do not let go of My hand
Slowly but surely you are guaranteed to grow
My image in you
That is what we’re working on

How I love you
Please tell me, do you commit?

Shalom is the Hebrew word for complete peace, feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well-being and harmony. The absence of agitation or discord.