Dancing child

There’s a longing in my soul
A very deep need for Thee
Father please hear my prayer
And give me more of You

I long so much for You
There is a deep thirst in me
Father please hear my prayer
And give me more of You

Please answer me
Help me
Teach me
Show me how to love You more

I long for Your courts
To dance before Your throne
To truly be
Just me

Please help me to not be afraid
To not listen to the world and all she brings
To ignore the voice of the enemy
Telling me I’m not fully free

So often times I feel constantly condemned
I know it’s not from You
Your heart for me is freedom
No barriers between you and me

I long for Your fullness Father-God
I long for Your truth
I long for Your fire
I long for You

Please dear Lord hear my cry
Break down and set me free
From everything trying to entangle me
Everything aiming to come between you and Me

I long for You
I need Your courts
Nothing else compares
Every time I try this is what I see

I need You Lord
I need You
Please hear my plea
Give me more of You

I long for You
Your courts
Your presence
You in me.