A gift from above

I am the Light that shines
In the darkest places
In hopeless places
I am the only One who brings real HOPE

Real JOY
Real Happiness
Real Peace
That is something you will only find in Me

Is it not about time you come closer?
About time that you discover who I am
And what you have been missing
All your life?

Dear child come closer
Let Me show you
The riches
The abundance found in Me

So many treasures
Waiting to be found
True discoverers are so few
For they only search skin-deep

Dear child you need to come closer
Says He

True life awaits
Wrapped in silver and gold
Hopeful ribbons
Purpose and plan written on the card

Let Me show you dear child
Let Me show you more
Let it fill your heart

All you are
And ever hope to be
Let it be Me
Let it be in Me

No one knows you
As well as I do
I made you
I know very well the plans I have for you

Who better than the Creator
The One who placed it in you?
Dear child you need to come closer
To be able to hear you must be next to My heart

It beats with a burning love
The desires and dreams I have for you
They live in My heart
I want to show you so much more

Get excited!
So many awesome things await
You only have one life to live
Make sure it is Mine!

I am Life
And everything you ever hope to be.