Broken Past

Your brokenness I want to heal
I want you to be whole
Free from all the sin
Free from all the pain living in your heart

Come to Me dear child
Life I am able to bring
To the deepest part of you
Do you not want to be complete?

You feel so broken
You feel so brittle
Broken and lost
I can see your inside child

So many wrong relationships
So many hurtful things said
Broken and in pieces
That is exactly how I feel

Sometimes I don’t even want to be here
Who cares anyway?
Easy it will be to disappear
Do something and never-be-thought-of-again

Dear child hear the voice of the Lord
He cares!
He sees!

You are not alone
I am there

Supernaturally I am able
To lift you up
Bring and give to you
Life again!

Life in all its facets
True life with all My JOY
If you would only come
And bow down at the cross

On your knees you will find Me
Don’t ever be scared to open your heart
Ask Me in
Or shed a tear

I love you more than words can say
I am Compassion
I am Love

For you, yes YOU
You with the very dark past
You with the broken heart
You with all your sinful deeds

Dear child hear Me
NO ONE is beyond the reach of My LOVE and GRACE
I do not care what you have done

My arms of LOVE and GRACE
Are wide-open
Welcoming you
Saying ‘Dear child please come in’

Come in before it is too late
You must know the enemy will not let go
Until he has you dead
A kick in the stomach he will always gladly add

Hear My Words of LIFE
Dear child I am Life
The fullness I bring
Cannot compete with anything this world has even seen

It is so much more, so much!
My Word is LIFE
My Son Jesus is the WAY

Yes, Amen.