A broken child
A fragile heart
How it breaks the Father’s heart
To see the deep need

I wish people could see
Just how much I care
For them and this broken world
Our Father says

Yes says Daddy-God
Too many people in this world believe
I am the cause of all pain

I wonder how this can be
Says Daddy-God
If there is still an enemy
When Satan is his name

o Children I can never understand
How can you blame Me for all the wrong in this world
When there is an enemy
Constantly out to kill, steal and destroy

It’s time says Daddy-God
That people stop
To confuse us so
It’s time they truly know truth

Yes says Daddy-God
I know it is sometimes difficult to fathom
But you can’t just go on
Continue to blame Me for all that is wrong in this world

Why is it says Daddy-God
That I am the only one to blame
When Satan is still out there
And humans still have a say

o Children you should stop
Really this is becoming ridiculous
I don’t know why you keep doing this
You must be truly blind

Blind-folded I’d say
With the lies and deceit of the enemy
Blind-folded to not know the truth
Even if I did knock on your door

o Child, o come
Come see that you are so
Very wrong
About all that you believe about Me

If people truly started to believe
All the lies Satan and this world tells about Me
I would be a monster
A villain in their eyes very soon

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes I know
Many people already
Believe this to be true of Me

How thankful I am for those who truly know Me
o They know how wrong this world is about Me
They say it constantly
They also cannot believe it

It’s difficult for us
To understand
How this world can hate Me
When they don’t even know Me

How fair is this Abba-God says
How fair is it to judge and condemn someone
By the words and opinions of others
I ask you this

o Children you must know
I want you to know
You are so wrong
You are so very wrong about Me

It’s time you pick up
Says Daddy-God
All those wrong beliefs about Me
And throw them in the deepest sea

If you could see for an inch
Abba-Father-God says
Just how good, faithful and wonderful I am
You would be astonished and ashamed

o Children don’t you understand
Do you not want to know
I’m nothing like the picture you and this world has painted of Me
I’m ten trillion times better

I understand Abba-God says
There is still those who don’t want to believe
Who wants to keep on
Shutting Me out

o Child you’re making your life
Much more miserable than it needs to be
With Me life is a pure pleasure
Because I’ll be living in you

And yes even though things
Do sometimes get tough for My children
They have an anchor
Keeping them safe during life storms

This is all I was offering you child
A chance to be happy
An opportunity to be fulfilled
Whilst living here on earth

I’ve made you dearest children
To miss Me, to love Me, to need Me
If you’re not gonna fill that gap on the inside with what it needs
You truly always will be missing out

Don’t miss out children
This is all I’m saying
Don’t miss out on the life prepared for you
Just because you are too stubborn to admit you do need Me

Children of this world
There is truly beauty in discovering
Dependence on Me
It’s beautiful children, beautiful

Don’t run, don’t hide
Don’t be afraid
I’m a good Daddy
The best one to be ever found

If you do not know Me child
As a Good Daddy yet
You do not know Me
You have been missing out

o Come children, come please
Closer to Me
Your Heavenly Dad
The One waiting on you

I love you dearest children
Even though you have hated Me for many years
I still believe in you
I’m still giving you a chance

Don’t look back dearest child
Only look ahead
I’ve loved you since the start
I forgive You

Know this today
As you come closer
As you come to discover
Who I truly am


2 thoughts on “Blindfoldedness

  1. Amen. Daddy we so repent before you! I so repent! Thank you for Your Love and Grace! Thank you for the good work you have begun in us!

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