Eyes of a child

Whispers of heart
Our Daddy in heaven
So often wants to share with us
But we do not always give Him the time of day

Much rather
We will come up
With other stuff
To do with our time

Yes not many of us
God’s children
Give Him time
Or allow Him to speak to our hearts

Much rather
We choose to hide
We choose to hide behind things
Not nearly as important

o If we could only see
If we could only understand
Our Daddy-God in heaven
Loves to spend time with His children

Even if it only includes
Sitting in His presence
Drinking in His love
He is always there

He cares so much for us
And even in the times we grow desperate
Please don’t allow Satan
To lower you into a pit of despair

No our Daddy-God is always greater
Children of God
You should know this
You should remember

o Children of My heart
Daddy-God says
There are too many times that you listen to lies
And allow Satan to steal hope

o Dearest-dearest children
I am always hope
And I want you to know
Because I am you can always have hope

I am always-always greater Daddy-God says
Than all the challenges you daily face
All the problems staring you in the face
Today I want to stir new faith inside your hearts

Children I want you to know
Remember this, I am greater
Always greater says Daddy
Than all things trying to steal hope

I know dearest children
That difficult times do arrive
Times when you feel all hope is lost
Times when you hardly feel you can do anything

o Children, dearest children
Today I wanna give you new hope
I wanna restore that lost faith
Inside of your heart

I care so much for you
Daddy says
And because of this dear child
You can always have hope

Yes children I will always care
Always, always says Daddy
Know this
I will never ever just leave your side

It’s because I care
Daddy says
Much more than any earthly mom ever could
That I can share these words with you

Many times
Daddy says
People think I am a fixation of people’s minds
o Children you are so wrong

You think it’s needy people
Daddy says
The childish amongst you
That cannot stand on their own two feet

o How wrong
This world can be
This I often think

Have you not heard
The King of kings says
I am always in full control
Always able to keep My hand on all things

Without Me Daddy-God says
This world would be falling apart
There would be no hope
Not now, not ever

o Dearest children
o Dearest ones
Open your hearts
Open your eyes and see

So many children
Daddy says
So many children of the world
Feeling truly hopeless

They need to know
They need to understand

I am the beginning
And end of all hope
Isn’t hope just a beautiful thing
Isn’t it just the most precious gift

o Children you see
With hope there is always
A ray of sunshine
Even in a day of gloom

o Dearest children
That’s the most special thing
That in times of difficulty you can still say
Tomorrow will be better

Yes children, yes
Please do not ever allow Satan
To steal and take away your hope

Yes dearest children
Daddy knows and I understand
There are often times of trial
Where-in you only seem to cry

Children there is
Says Daddy-God
A time for crying
In every child of God’s life

Yes children it is so
The Bible says though
They who sow with weeping
They shall reap with joy

o Children Daddy says
It’s a principle of life
Sometimes life gets tough
But still there is the bright hope of tomorrow and what it will bring

I know dearest children
Says Daddy-God
That you forfeit hope
That you sometimes lose it in the battle to survive

Life often feels
Like an uphill struggle
For most of My kids on planet earth
Some people cannot seem to smile no matter how hard they try

They’re trying to survive
Daddy-God says
This is what they aim to do
Day by day

So few people
Daddy says
Have true hope
So few people know how to smile

o Children have you forgotten
Says Daddy-God
That small-child-version of you
And how easy the smiles then came

This is what I love about children
Daddy-God says
This is why I gave them
Their ability to smile so easy and find joy in just about everything

They can make themselves laugh
Hours on end Daddy says
It’s no trouble for them
Entertaining themselves

Joy just comes so easily for children
Daddy says
So naturally
That is how they were born, that is how it will always be

It’s a special gift
Daddy says
To have eyes like a child
I agree for it makes life truly beautiful

o Children says Daddy-God
You should ask Me to restore
What was lost on the inside of you
As you grew up and became an adult

Yes says Daddy
There is people on planet earth
Bubbling with joy
But o they are so few

o I love them
Daddy says
Those who have discovered
Joy in the Lord is my safe harbor

o Children
This is the strength of people’s hearts
Those that truly believe in Me
Those who have discovered who I am

o I love you children
I love you
Those who run to My safe arms
Those who come to hide in My perfect love

Daddy says
It means so much to Me
So much to see how many of you have come
And put your trust in My beautiful heart

Children it means the world to Me
To have children wanting to come sit still with Me
When the temptations of the world keep on asking…
Come say hi

o Children
It means a lot to Me and My heart
When you come sit still at My feet and say
Daddy please speak to Me

Daddy says I know
Many people still find it strange
They say how can it be
I can hear from God?

Yes child
You yourself, just as you are can come
You can come sit at My feet
Say Daddy-God please share the whispers of Your heart

It’s always My heart’s desire
To share with you children
The secrets of My heart
It’s just so few that come

I’m afraid sometimes
Says Daddy
That you will forsake
And turn your backs on Me

Yes says Daddy-God
It is something
That sometimes happen

I do not seem to have
Lovers of My heart
That will stay faithful until the end
This is sad to Me

Yes so so sad
Daddy-God says
So so sad
I’m almost afraid to share My heart

I’m so scared sometimes
Says Daddy-God
I fear your rejection
I wonder sometimes can I trust them with My heart

It’s sometimes an uphill battle for Me
Kids of this world
To find children
Willing to forsake all others and only seek Me

I have it in My heart
Says Daddy-God
Often times
To share the deepest parts of Me

Still children
I do not find it easy
It’s so difficult to understand
But My heart it is precious to Me

Yes says Daddy-God
I’m sure you will be able to understand
How easy will it be for you to trust someone again
Once they have trampled on your heart?

It’s not an easy road
Hey children?
Surely you can understand
Why I sometimes hold back

Yes says Daddy-God
It’s just like throwing out the bait
When you go fishing
You hope something worthwhile will take a bite

It’s the same with Me children
Often times I will throw out the bait
Hoping to catch some ‘fish’
Hoping to see some people drawing close to Me

It’s not always easy
Abba says
Putting My faith in people again
Hoping they will not hurt Me again

o Yes it’s not always easy
Daddy says
Restoring a broken relationship
Growing the trust again

o No
It’s definitely
Not something that happens easily
Faith in a person is not restored overnight

I trust the people
Daddy-God says
Those that I share with
Those that prophecy, those that I share revelations and visions with

o Daddy-God says
Children, children of My heart
Those that are broken and lost
I understand the brittle and fragileness of a heart

I love it Daddy-God says
I love it when people honor each other’s hearts
When they understand and realise
The responsibility they carry

That is why Daddy-God says
I hate it
When people bad-mouth each other
Children don’t you understand you’re hurting that person’s heart

Daddy says children
It’s something that comes so easy to this world
Breaking people down
Saying all things negative

Daddy says children
If I could only show you
The hurt you inflict on people’s hearts
With the words you say

I would love to ask you
Children can you please
Take greater care
Of the words you speak

Children so carelessly
You often are with the words you say
You don’t really care what you say
All that matters is I will have my say

o Children of My heart
Those who are inside, those I’m inviting still
Can you not understand
Not all things thought-of needs to be said

o Yes children, yes
Silence can often times be
One of the most beautiful answers
No need for a reply

I wonder sometimes
Says Daddy-God
Why people are so eager
To tear people down in their conversations?

I wonder Daddy-God says
Why people find it so difficult
To love, be patient
Or be Christ-like

o There are too many people
Daddy-God says
On planet earth today who profess to love Me
But do not allow Me to transform them into the King they say they love

Should we call them
Shallow Christians
Daddy-God says
Those whose talk is cheap

o Children Daddy says
Do you not understand yet
I would rather ask you to be quiet about your faith
Than going around aimlessly, no desire to grow more intimately acquainted with Me

Daddy-God says
I ask this regularly from My children
Not they perfectness, no one is
But their hearts that are passionately in love with Me

o Children Daddy-God says
I know, I know
I have full faith
In those who love Me fervently

For those Daddy-God says
Nothing will ever be enough
They will lay down their lives for Me
No questions asked

Why says Daddy-God
Why are there so so few
Of My children on planet earth
Who love Me like this?

o Children
Daddy says
I want you to know
That is how I love you

I love you so so much
And I wish I could help you
To love Me just as passionately
But that could only be if you would ask Me

Yes says Daddy-God
You can ask Me child
To give you that kind of love, burning inside

o Dearest ones
Those that love Me, those not yet
Will you come closer please
And allow Me to share more whispers of My heart with you

I will lift you up
On wings like eagles
Daddy-God says
All those who decide to share time with Me

o Children
The most beautiful decision you have made
One honoring Me
One saying that you care

o Children
This is how I know
This is how I know that you care
If you spend time with Me

Please don’t stop doing it
Please don’t give up
It will be so worth it in the end
You will see

I thank you for your love
Little ones
Those that share their hearts with Me
Those that show they care

o It means so much to Me
So so much
I cannot even say
I’ll just whisper thank you to your heart

Thank you children
Thank you
Those who seek until they find
Thank you so very much




A broken child
A fragile heart
How it breaks the Father’s heart
To see the deep need

I wish people could see
Just how much I care
For them and this broken world
Our Father says

Yes says Daddy-God
Too many people in this world believe
I am the cause of all pain

I wonder how this can be
Says Daddy-God
If there is still an enemy
When Satan is his name

o Children I can never understand
How can you blame Me for all the wrong in this world
When there is an enemy
Constantly out to kill, steal and destroy

It’s time says Daddy-God
That people stop
To confuse us so
It’s time they truly know truth

Yes says Daddy-God
I know it is sometimes difficult to fathom
But you can’t just go on
Continue to blame Me for all that is wrong in this world

Why is it says Daddy-God
That I am the only one to blame
When Satan is still out there
And humans still have a say

o Children you should stop
Really this is becoming ridiculous
I don’t know why you keep doing this
You must be truly blind

Blind-folded I’d say
With the lies and deceit of the enemy
Blind-folded to not know the truth
Even if I did knock on your door

o Child, o come
Come see that you are so
Very wrong
About all that you believe about Me

If people truly started to believe
All the lies Satan and this world tells about Me
I would be a monster
A villain in their eyes very soon

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes I know
Many people already
Believe this to be true of Me

How thankful I am for those who truly know Me
o They know how wrong this world is about Me
They say it constantly
They also cannot believe it

It’s difficult for us
To understand
How this world can hate Me
When they don’t even know Me

How fair is this Abba-God says
How fair is it to judge and condemn someone
By the words and opinions of others
I ask you this

o Children you must know
I want you to know
You are so wrong
You are so very wrong about Me

It’s time you pick up
Says Daddy-God
All those wrong beliefs about Me
And throw them in the deepest sea

If you could see for an inch
Abba-Father-God says
Just how good, faithful and wonderful I am
You would be astonished and ashamed

o Children don’t you understand
Do you not want to know
I’m nothing like the picture you and this world has painted of Me
I’m ten trillion times better

I understand Abba-God says
There is still those who don’t want to believe
Who wants to keep on
Shutting Me out

o Child you’re making your life
Much more miserable than it needs to be
With Me life is a pure pleasure
Because I’ll be living in you

And yes even though things
Do sometimes get tough for My children
They have an anchor
Keeping them safe during life storms

This is all I was offering you child
A chance to be happy
An opportunity to be fulfilled
Whilst living here on earth

I’ve made you dearest children
To miss Me, to love Me, to need Me
If you’re not gonna fill that gap on the inside with what it needs
You truly always will be missing out

Don’t miss out children
This is all I’m saying
Don’t miss out on the life prepared for you
Just because you are too stubborn to admit you do need Me

Children of this world
There is truly beauty in discovering
Dependence on Me
It’s beautiful children, beautiful

Don’t run, don’t hide
Don’t be afraid
I’m a good Daddy
The best one to be ever found

If you do not know Me child
As a Good Daddy yet
You do not know Me
You have been missing out

o Come children, come please
Closer to Me
Your Heavenly Dad
The One waiting on you

I love you dearest children
Even though you have hated Me for many years
I still believe in you
I’m still giving you a chance

Don’t look back dearest child
Only look ahead
I’ve loved you since the start
I forgive You

Know this today
As you come closer
As you come to discover
Who I truly am


Truth with a capital T

For many years
Says Abba
I’ve been calling broken people
Sinners to come back to My heart

This has always been
My heart’s desire
To give broken people
A new chance in life

This has always been Me
Says Father
No one says Abba
Can ever play this part

My children
Children of the world
I care for you says Abba
Much more than anyone ever could

Papa says come
Please come and find
I am the Truth
Everyone around you is always talking about

Yes says Abba Father
I know it is sometimes
So difficult for you to understand
Or comprehend but it is true

Abba says
I care dearest children
I care about you
Coming to find the real truth

Don’t be shy
Says Abba
Don’t be fearful
I am always waiting for you

Abba says I care
I care so much
And nothing would make me happier
Than for you to truly find

Yes says Abba God
Please dearest children
Don’t just go on
Never thinking about Me or eternity

This is serious stuff
Dearest children
You can not ever go through life
And not make these two things a priority

Abba says
I care My children
Children of the world
For you to start seeking after the Truth

I am Truth
Dearest children
Did you know
I am the only truth this world will ever need

No other truth
Says Abba
You will ever find
That compares to Me

I am Truth
Says Abba
With a capital T
I alone reign above all others

Abba says
I care My children
And I want you
To come find Me

Me says Abba
Me the only
Real and True One
The one that cannot be compared

Yes says Abba God
I am high and exalted
Far above any others
Far above human beings

Father says
Abba’s children
I care for you
And I want you to come find

Don’t ever allow
Time alone with Me
To not be a necessity in your lives
As this is the Anchor to your souls

This is where I speak, often
This is how you grow strong
This is how we retain connection
This is how you get to know Me as Abba, Daddy God

Abba says
Children come
Please come, don’t ever stop
Just as you are