Truth with a capital T

For many years
Says Abba
I’ve been calling broken people
Sinners to come back to My heart

This has always been
My heart’s desire
To give broken people
A new chance in life

This has always been Me
Says Father
No one says Abba
Can ever play this part

My children
Children of the world
I care for you says Abba
Much more than anyone ever could

Papa says come
Please come and find
I am the Truth
Everyone around you is always talking about

Yes says Abba Father
I know it is sometimes
So difficult for you to understand
Or comprehend but it is true

Abba says
I care dearest children
I care about you
Coming to find the real truth

Don’t be shy
Says Abba
Don’t be fearful
I am always waiting for you

Abba says I care
I care so much
And nothing would make me happier
Than for you to truly find

Yes says Abba God
Please dearest children
Don’t just go on
Never thinking about Me or eternity

This is serious stuff
Dearest children
You can not ever go through life
And not make these two things a priority

Abba says
I care My children
Children of the world
For you to start seeking after the Truth

I am Truth
Dearest children
Did you know
I am the only truth this world will ever need

No other truth
Says Abba
You will ever find
That compares to Me

I am Truth
Says Abba
With a capital T
I alone reign above all others

Abba says
I care My children
And I want you
To come find Me

Me says Abba
Me the only
Real and True One
The one that cannot be compared

Yes says Abba God
I am high and exalted
Far above any others
Far above human beings

Father says
Abba’s children
I care for you
And I want you to come find

Don’t ever allow
Time alone with Me
To not be a necessity in your lives
As this is the Anchor to your souls

This is where I speak, often
This is how you grow strong
This is how we retain connection
This is how you get to know Me as Abba, Daddy God

Abba says
Children come
Please come, don’t ever stop
Just as you are


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