Arms of Love

Time with Me says Abba
Such a priority
Dearest children
Don’t let it slide

Always keep and make it
A big priority says Abba
Because that is when
I like to speak to you

When you make time for Me
Says Abba
Don’t let it slip
Don’t let it slide

Come to Me please
Just as you are
Children no need to ever fret
When Me your heavenly Dad is so near

To help
To support
To say and confirm
I indeed do love you

Daddy says earthly children
Papa says He loves you and He needs you
To start running
Into His loving arms

Long enough Abba says
You have been hurt
And you have been told so many lies
So many lies about Me preventing you to come

Abba’s children
Dearest children of the world
Do you know says Abba
Have you found

I am the Answer
This world is always
So eagerly seeking for
Yes says Abba

Only Me and I
Little children of the world
Can fulfill those deep desires
On the inside of each of you

Yes says Abba
Dearest children it’s because
I your heavenly Dad knows you
And I have always known you

I know says Abba
The deepest desires of the human heart
The frailty thereof
The beauty that is to be found inside

Dearest children Papa says
It’s time you come and find
I am the loving arms
You have always dreamt of running into

No desires on planet earth
Can fulfill the way I do little children
I knitted you together
Says Abba

I formed you
In your mother’s womb
How will I not know dearest children
No I do, I always do Abba says

Come dearest children
Come, always closer to Me
Open your heart asks Abba
To receive My love

Let Me show you
Let Me heal your broken heart
Abba says the time has come broken children of this world
To come find and make Me the Refuge and Safe Harbor of your souls

I’m always caring says Abba
Nothing or no-one
Can ever care as much as I do
Abba says I care My children

Children of the darkness and world
Come closer
Come seek My face
Come find I am only Light

Nothing or no-one
Can ever compare to Me
I am the Holy One of Israel says Father
The only one

Come find Me
Come seek Me
I am says Abba
The One you so desperately needs

Will you say yes
Will you come
Dearest children the choice is always yours
How I wish you would say yes

Yes to Me calling you
Yes to Me giving you a new start
Yes to My perfect love
Yes to Me coming and living on the inside of you


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