Not a chosen few

See it’s not a chosen few
The Father says
I have not chosen only a few
To come sit on My lap Abba says

It’s for all the King, my Abba says
My lap is open to all
The Father says
Open to all willing to come sit on it

It’s not because you
Are more special than the others
My child
It’s only because you asked

You allowed My heart to touch yours
The Father says
You allowed My heart
To become yours

It’s because you asked Me for more
You asked Me to show you more
This is what I want to do
For all My children Father says

You are no better than the rest
Dearest child
It’s only because you asked
It’s because you allowed Me to come in

Dearest child I want you
To encourage the rest of this world
The rest of My children
To come search for more

You do not have to be someone special
To search for My heart
Says Abba
You truly just need to be yourself

Come after My heart dearest child
Come seek after Me
The same love and care you have found in My heart, in Me
This they can also experience and find

I want you to tell them dearest child
There is more
Tell them to come search after My heart
Them them dearest child they need to come find Me

So many of My children
Miss out on this connection with Me
Dearest child I’ve called you to tell them
There is more

Tell them dearest child
They can just be themselves
Just as you have been
Just as you are

Tell them you are nothing special
Tell them I want to also give this to them
You are nothing special
No more than them the Father says

Tell them dearest child
They themselves can come after My heart
There is no need for My children to come through people
The Father says they can come directly to Me

The veil is torn, they can come
Come before My throne of mercy and grace
Father says
Come see what I have prepared

At My banqueting table
So many delicious treats can be found
It’s open for all My children Father says
No one is better than the other

Tell Me dear children
Tell Me do you know how much you are loved?
I’m calling My children the Father says
To come seek after My heart

I long for children
Willing to seek after My heart
And all the beauty
That is to be found in there

Come deeper My dearest children
Come closer
Come seek
Come find

o I long the Father says for connection
With each and everyone of My children
I long to show you more
I long to reveal more of who I am to those willing to ask

Why are there so few Abba says
So few willing to come after My heart
True discoverers are few the Father says
They are so few

Dearest children
I want you to know
Search deeper
Search for more

Tell My dearest children
There is so much more to be found
You are so special My dearest children
Each and everyone, you are so very dear to Me

I want each and everyone of My children
To begin searching after My heart
So many beautiful things, treasures
Waiting to be found

It’s not for a chosen few only
It’s for all – all – willing to ask
Yes dearest child I’ve called you for a purpose
You need to start telling My children there is more

I’m waiting to be found
Tell them I’m waiting, waiting for them
To come and discover more of the beauty in My heart
It’s for all, not only a chosen few

You are no more special than them
You are all equal dearest child
Before and for Me
You all carry the exact same weight


(Thank you dear friends for allowing me the opportunity to deliver to you this special message from Abba. May every day be a day where we all 🙂 discover the beautiful depths inside our heavenly Father’s heart more and more. Lots of blessings & love in Jesus our King.)

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