Greatest Gift

Children of My heart
Says Abba
Please come
Please find

I’m waiting on you
Says Abba
So many jewels inside My heart
Still waiting to be found

Many people says Abba
Always to busy
Always to occupied
With the things of this world

Abba says
Children it’s time to come find more
It’s time to truly come and seek
After the beautiful treasures inside your King’s heart

Yes says Abba
You’re not suppose to ever stop
The beauties inside My heart
They are endless

My heart has always been
Says Abba God
For you and Me to build intimacy
From the heart

Yes says Abba
This is how it was
In the beginning
This is how I want it to still be

It can says Abba
It is still possible
I once again made a way
Through the dead and resurrection of My Son

Do you know who He is?
Do you know Him by name?
If not I’d truly encourage you
Please get to know Him

He shines brighter
Than the sun
There is just no one
That can ever compare

To His beauty and grace
Or His love and care
He is the most precious gift
This world has ever received

Will you open your heart
To receive this gracious gift
A gift that cannot be compared
My Son laying down his life for the sins of this world

Yes says Abba Father
This is what My Son did
When He came and died
On the cross of Calvary

A relationship that was
Broken and lost
Restored and made whole
Through My Son’s sacrifice

This is what happened
When My Son gave His life
The darkness and death of sin was lifted
For you to once again be re-united with Light

Yes My Son’s price
At Golgotha was very expensive
We did it to bring you
And the whole wide world back to Me

Will you say yes
For this offer of Life
So much joy it will bring

Never again
Will you be the same
Say yes to making Me, Jesus Christ
Savior and Lord of your life

Many things
I will make brand new
I will give you
A fresh start in life

Open up, receive this love
It’s a heavenly one sent from Above
Don’t say no, say yes
And o how you will see


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