All you need

Open up
Invite Me in
Can you not see
I am what you need

Yes says Abba Father
For many years
You have not believed this
To be true

Can I tell you today
Friend of this world
I am
I am all you need

If you could see
If you could find
You would be so happy
Not ever to be denied

Dearest child
Children of the world
Please come

Stop putting up walls
Between Me and you
Rather let it come down
Let Me come in

I would want you to know
Many things
I can change
In an instance

If you would only come
You would feel
An immediate release
Of all the pain and sadness inside

Yes child
This is what I can do
If only you would come
Truly believe

There is nothing
That I cannot do
I am bigger than anything
You have ever seen

Please come put
Your faith, trust and belief in Me
Come see dearest child
I am so very worthy of all three

None can ever compare
Nothing or no-one
I am the Only One
The One asking you to please let Me in

All sorrow
Will disappear
In the depths of My love
I can and do make all things new

This is Me, the Eternal One
The Living One
The Only One
Above Me there is no one else


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