Daddy’s wings

Relentless in pursuit
This is our Father’s heart
o He loves His children so
And He will not ever give up on them

Thank you
Dearest Daddy-God
For the most precious love
You bestow on Your children

Daily Abba-God
You take care of us
Never forsaking us
Only loving us more and more each day

Daddy thank you so much
For Your most precious love
Your most precious care
That You bestow on us every day

My dearest little children
Daddy cares so much
So much
So much

I sometimes wish
Abba says
That you would come
Climb deeply into My love

Yes says Abba-God
My arms I would fold around you
Hold you close
My dear

Daddy says
I care
I care so much for this world
I can not ever give up

You are My most prized possession
The dearest to My heart
Daddy-King says
Will you come climb into My heart?

Daddy says come
Come little children
Come snuggle up
In the corners of My love

Like the smallest baby
I will rock you to sleep
Under My feathers
You will be forever safe

Daddy says I know
This is what you long for inside
This is your deepest heart’s desire
To feel and be safe

Daddy says
I’ve provided a way
For My children
Daily to feel safe

In the safe harbor
Of My arms
My care
My love

Daddy says come
Come children come
Like a hen gathers her chicken and keep them safe
So I will do with you

There is never a reason
For you to distrust
Dearest children
My care is perfect

Yes says Daddy-God
My children
Even though the storms of life rage outside
I am the Quietness within

Come says Daddy
Find your shelter
In My loving arms

Even in the midst of storms
Dearest children
You can still feel safe
And experience My love

My dearest children
Imagine the safest place on earth
Dearest children this is Me

Yes says Abba-God
I care
I care much more
Than you will ever know

Will you come dearest children
Will you come find rest
In the safest embrace of My love
I care for you

Dearest children come
Come please
I’m inviting you
Come find peace in the midst of your storm

Yes says Daddy-God
Storms are a part of life
This is so
Still I would want you to know

Run My dearest child
Run dearest children
Into the arms of your loving Father
Waiting to embrace you with His care

Children of My heart
Even in the midst of storms
I am Life, I am Peace

This you will experience
If you won’t give up
I won’t forsake you child
Not ever

Yes says Daddy-God
Come dearest children

Run into the arms of
Perfect Love, Perfect Care
Know please I am waiting for you

Nothing can hold you back child
It’s only a decision
Saying I will trust my King

You can do this
You can do this
Come child, come
Run into your Father’s arms


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