Meet my Daddy

For such a long-long time Daddy says
I have been waiting for this
Come closer Daddy says
Come closer

I care for you My child
I care
And for a long time I have been waiting
For you to run into My arms

My care and love
Are perfect
Perfect for those who know Me
Perfect for those who don’t

Yes says Abba-God
I am no ugly God
I’m not like you people
Being nice to only those who are nice to you

No says Daddy-God
I care way too much
And I want this world to find

Yes says Abba-God
I long for this world
To find out, to know
There is no-one like Me

I am the only worthy one
Abba says
Worthy of Your love
Worthy of all the adoration you can bring

It’s time you trust Me
Daddy says
Really really trust Me
To see what I can do

Yes says Abba-God
Your broken past is nothing for My perfect love
My love can mend and make whole
The most broken heart

Yes Abba says
I don’t always get a lot of people
Trusting My heart
But that is about to change

Yes Abba-God says
I believe
I believe
Their hearts are about to change

I’m always inviting people
Closer to My heart
Closer to Me
Why do you always say no?

O dearest children
You should not do that anymore
Our love for you
Is so grand

Come children
Closer to My heart
Closer to what I have prepared

I say it often Father says
So so often
Come children, come
This I want you to really do

Come children, come
So much Life, Hope and Happiness
Await the hearts willing to find
Come, please do not say no

These words are so much more
Than only words
Come children, come
And how you will find

I love you with a perfect love children
Perfect LOVE
It’s not just words
It’s Perfect Love 🙂

Come children
Come find My heart
Come sit with Me

For a long time
Dearest children
I did not believe this could be
But then My Son came to set you free

Yes Father says
For a long time
You had to work for My acceptance
How happy and thankful I am those days are gone

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
I am trusting you to come
Come dearest children

Daddy says I long for you
So much My child
So much
Come, come find

I’m waiting for you
I’m always waiting for you
Come child

Come find
The love and acceptance
You long for
Come find it inside My heart

Come dearest children
Come see
I am the Only One that loves you perfect

Yes says Daddy-God
I know
You get great husbands, you get great wives
But still they do not compare

I am the only one
Daddy-God says
Who loves you perfect
And can actually mean it when it is said

Yes Father-God says
I know they do their best
But still sometimes you know says Daddy God
I am the Only One 🙂

Come children
Come find and grow
Into the perfect love I have for you

My child
It’s much more than only words
It’s all of Me
It is Me

Come Father says
Come find
I am all I am talking about here

Dearest children
Come please
I want all of you

Not only a bit My child
Although that is a great start
Come and begin
To give your all to Me

Nothing on earth
Ever compares
To Your great love

Thank you Daddy Abba-God
That I could find Your love
That I can know it
Till this day

Thank you Abba-God
That Your hand will never leave or forsake me
Thank you for being able
To trust Your heart for me

Father we often say and see it
As only nice words
But Abba You are the one
Who makes it alive in our spirits

Help us Father-God
Each and every one of us
To find You more

Yes Daddy-God
To find the riches
Depths and widths
Of who You are

Daddy You are beautiful
And there is none like You
Come fill our hearts Daddy
Please come fill us with more of You

You come Daddy
You always come
In ways so soft and tender
That is just who You are

With whispers of love
You have won my heart

Daddy my heart belongs to You
And I so want to say this to You
You are the Beautiful One inside my heart
The One I can never do without

Daddy I would pray
That You would help me
Each and every day
Just to love You a bit more

Daddy You are so kind
You are tender love
Come Holy Spirit please
Please fill our hearts with more of Daddy’s love

Daddy You are kind
So so kind
I do not always know
The God this world talks about

It for sure is not You
You are kind and loving in all Your ways
If they do not know this
They have not met the real You

You are beautiful
You are kind
You are the loving one
The God I am talking about

The real God
Of heaven and earth
The one who holds
Galaxies and stars inside His palm

That is my Daddy
The one who cares about the orphan
The widow and all who is sad inside
This is my Daddy, the One I sing about

If you do not know
My Daddy like this
You have not found Him yet
Not truly, no

Yes my Daddy
Knows of all the loveless things
Going on in this world
He knows about everything

Our God cares so much
And I wish you could start to see Him
In every heart and hand that cares in this world
For this is Him

Yes He stirs in every heart
Compassion for the broken
It’s Him in us that cares
Not us alone

If is was not for God’s love and care
Alive in human hearts
There would never ever be a desire
To help anyone in need

Yes it is my Father-God
Working in and through everyone
Willing to build up again
This broken world

Yes it is my Daddy-God’s heart
Working in and through
Every hand and heart
Caring for this world

Why do people not see this
o How wrong we can be
Father I pray that this world will find You
And Father I pray open every blind eye

Abba please help this world
Once again to believe
In the Good and Gracious God that You are
For they are so wrong about You

I often hear or see stories
Stories of You
Mocking You
Making fun of who You are

o Daddy these people
Do not know who You are
They have been so deceived
Believing lies as if it was truth

Daddy-God I pray
I pray for those people
With the wickedness in their hearts
I pray for each and every one

How hopeless this world
Would be without You
People think things are hopeless now
o How wrong they are

People of the world
Please open your eyes
Wake up
Can you not see

So many good wonderful and great things
Still exist on planet earth today
Please do not allow Satan’s negativism
To grow on you

Dearest children please
Please see
There is still so much good around
Please just open your eyes

How many of you still notice or hear
A bird when singing in the skies
o Dearest children
You miss out on so much

Come children, come
Closer to Me
The busyness of life
Steals so much from My children

So much beauty in this world
You miss because of your pursuit for more
Children I should be the more
You are running after not the other things

Children of life, My children
Can you not see
Come after Me
And all other things will follow you

This must always be
The aim inside
My children’s hearts
Know Daddy more, know Daddy more

Daddy-God says
So much more beauty
I want to add to your life
If only you would let Me

Please dearest children come
Come closer
Come see
Who I truly am

Come discover
The depth and width
Of My heart
Come children come

My Word promises
All who seek they will find
My Word promises
Come close to Me and I will come close to you

Is is not time
You take Me on, on this offer
A brand new perspective
It will add to your life

Child you would be so happy
If only you would come
Come children, come
Get happy, I am waiting on you

Waiting and ready
To bestow blessings upon you
Come dearest children
Come, please-please come


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