God is a Good God

So many things
So many beautiful things
Inside My heart
Waiting to be found

Will it be you
Will it be you that says
Yes I will go after
The treasures and gold inside God’s heart

Yes says Abba-God
Many people in this world
Not wanting to know Me
Really not caring about who I am

I am opening your eyes
Abba says
It’s time you start to see
It’s time you start to find

Yes says Abba-God
Many, many lies
Are being told around about Me

I’m changing it Abba says
I’m revealing more of My heart
Abba-God says
It is starting

Yes Abba-God says
It’s truly time people start believing
It’s truly time people realise
I am God and yes I am only Good

Yes says Abba-God
I know
Many bad things that happen in life
Are attributed to Me

Yes says Abba-God
I know
But can I tell you
Not all bad is Me

Yes says Abba-God, yes
Many things in life are affected by other things
Some of these things are
Power of Choice and Free will

I can never understand
How people blame and hate Me
For something they decided to do
Even when they didn’t ask Me

Yes many things I change
Many things I can change
If only people were committed
To follow where My footsteps lead

Yes My dearest children
Father understands the pain you are going through
And yes I can do great things with it
If only you will give Me a chance

Come children, come
Please start to believe
I am for you
And never ever against you

In all things
During life on planet earth
I am for you
Please know this

So few people believe this
To be really true
So few people
Father says it’s true

Come children, come
Please discover who I truly am
And stop believing the lies Satan and this world
Is always so eagerly telling about Me

Their lies carry no substance
This you would find
If only you would come
And find out for yourself

Children come
Come closer
To Me
The real and true God


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