Happy Joys

Glory to the one and living God
Glory to His beautiful Name
There is truly none like You

Hymns of love
You have awaken in my heart and soul
Songs I knew nothing about
But now forever want to sing

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Thank you so much
For just being who You are

Joys of love
Spinning around in my heart
My Dad is King
He is the only One

O the joy that I have found
Ever since the day
I met you and allowed
Your love to grow

Yes in my spirit
In my heart
You have founded deep roots of love
With the beauty of who You are

Daddy come
Please yes
Just as You are
Tell my heart I am Yours

I love it when You do that Daddy
I love it when You tell my heart
There is just no one like me on planet earth
And you have a special plan just for me

I love how You do it Daddy
With each and every one of Your children
How You are constantly telling us
Whispering in our ears Daddy loves you

o Daddy You are just beautiful
Far exceedingly beautiful
Thank you for Your precious love
Thank you for who You are

You make my heart so happy
You make my lips smile with so much ease
Daddy it’s You
It’s all just You

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Daddy for who You are

Priceless beyond comparison
This is just who my Father is
I know dear friend, I know
If you could taste His goodness as I have, you would agree

Come friend
Come closer
Please come find our Daddy
For who He is

o You will love Him just as much as I do
Come friend, come closer
Come see!


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