Palace of Despair

Amen Hallelujah
This is what my heart sings
Aaaahh He is so great
He is the King

Forever and ever
I would love for Him
To stay inside of My heart
Only beautiful things He brings with

Yes for many-many years
I did not bother
To get to know Him
I didn’t really care

I had absolutely no idea
On what I was missing out on
Just like many of you
Now reading this

Yes many excuses
I would tell myself
How this was not the perfect time
How I had to better myself first

o How wrong
One person can be
Many long years I wasted
Years I now wish I could’ve spend loving Him

Yes Abba says
For many of My children
This is how it is
They never want more of Me

For many years
Father says
Things of this world
Win in the lives of My children

I wish I could tell them
I wish I could make them see
I sometimes even wish
I could force them to love Me

How desperate one can become
Abba says
How desperate in LOVE
How desperate in winning souls for eternity

Children of My heart
I would want you to see
I love you so so much
I care sooo deep

I sometimes wish
Really-really wish
I could make you see
What I see

Why can you not see
Abba-God says
My dearest children
The way that I love you

You have been covered
So deeply in shame
Children of the world
It is My heart’s desire for you to be free

I want you to be free from sin
My dearest children
I want you free from shame
How can you not see this

Layer for layer Abba-God says
I want to remove shame from your life
This is not why you were made
Dearest children

You were not made
Abba says
To be wrapped up in shame
And to stay like this

No My children, no
Dearest Daddy says
You have to come pick up your shame
And run to Me

Yes says Abba-God, yes
Don’t allow shame
To keep you in a place of hiding
o How this is one of his strongest weapons

Fear and failure
Paralyses the heart
But how much more Abba says
Shame does this to My children

o My children Daddy says
My Kingdom is Light
And My children you need to run
Run from the Palace of Darkness

My children
It’s been many years
You just sit in shame
You sit in despair

A long time ago
You have given up on your dreams
No amount of anything
Helps you to believe in them again

Children of Despair
Darkness and Sin are the only friends
You’ll ever have if you keep on
Sitting in the chains of hopelessness

Children you need to come to Me
You need to get together
The last bit of courage you can
And run! Run to My loving arms

Yes says Daddy-God
Don’t look back
Look up and run

Dearest children
While the bridge is still open
While the bridge has not yet been closed
Run with all you’ve got

Run My dearest children
Run! To your Daddy’s arms
Can you not see I am waiting at the end of the bridge

My dearest children
Come says Daddy-God
Run with all you’ve got

I can not make the decision
For you My child
You must be the one to decide
I cannot do this anymore

Dearest children
I want you to know
You can ask Me for help
You can say Daddy I can’t on my own

o Dearest children
Can you not see
Will you believe
I am there for you

Yes I am the One
Says Daddy-God
Who is constantly telling you
Child, child you can do this

Do not keep on
Sitting and staying
In this palace of darkness
Rottenness and lies the only things to reside inside

Yes says Abba-God, yes
You need to come
You need to stand up and say
I am done

This is nonsense
Abba-God says
The way you hate yourself
The way you allow Satan to hurt your heart

Child can you not see
Come, come please
There is still time

The dark clouds of trouble
Always says Abba
Always wants you to believe
There is a storm on the outside

Don’t be afraid
Dearest children, no
Please come, please see
The love of My rain is all you will find

Yes says Abba-God
If you will commit
To run accross the bridge to Me
You will see

You will see sunshine and birds
Singing in the trees
You will see and experience
Love all around

Yes says Daddy-God
Even the darkest pain
Won’t survive in My love
Because I will heal you from the inside

Yes My child, yes
Come see
Come see the parks of love
Come swing on its swings

High and low
It will be so much fun
Childlike laughter will be restored in your heart
You will be made whole

Come child
Come please
Come see
I believe in you

I know you can get up
Stand on your two feet
Say Satan I am done
And walk out of the door

Don’t let his lies and shame
Keep you away dear child
Not even for a second no more
If Jesus already paid the full price

Yes you do not have to
Carry the punishment of your sin
Although Satan so wants this
To be believed by you

No child, no
You were made for more
Can you not see My child
I am waiting on you

I am the Prince in this fairytale
Daddy says
I sent My Son
So you could be free

Like a bridegroom picks up his bride
And spins her around so I will do with you
When you reach the end of the bridge
Because My happiness cannot be contained

I am so happy that you came
So so happy
Dear child can you hear
The whispers of My love?

I have made you for more
I have made you for victory, can you not see
Come child, come
Now it is time to truly live!


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