God’s care

Glory Hallelujah
This is what my soul sings
This is what my soul
Will always sing

Many things
Our Abba Father Lord
Has restored and made whole
In my broken soul

Up and till this day
I’m so glad I can say
I know my Abba-Lord
And He cares for me

Yes for many years
I was broken
Ashamed of what was done
Ashamed of being who I am

Yes for this is what sin does
It breaks your heart in two
The pieces inside

Yes for many years
I did not believe this to be true
I hated myself
But never knew exactly why

Now that I look back
I can clearly see
Our Abba was not in the picture
I had to take care of me

And yes
The ways in which we do
How broken and empty
It often leaves us feeling inside

o Children of Abba-God
Children of the world
How I wish we could see
Shutting out God is never the answer

For many years
This is what I would do
Caring for myself
In my own very broken way

I’m not even sure
Abba says
If we could call this
‘Being taken care of’

Children this is what I do
This is what I do best
Caring for lost and broken children
Caring for those in need

I know many people say
This is not what I do
But how do they know
How can they see

If only Abba says
They would take some time
To get to know Me
They would be pleasantly surprised

Yes says Abba-God
It’s because you never take time
Out of your busy schedule
To truly get to know Me better

Child please start to do this
Please start to offer up time
Getting to know Me
A bit better

Children of the world
Children of My heart
Please come
Please come and sit on My lap

Yes many things
Says Daddy-God
I want to reveal to your heart
I wanna speak to your spirit

If only you would come
If only you would say
Here I am Daddy-God
Please talk to Me

Children I want to speak to your hearts
I wanna prepare you for what’s to come
But how can I
If you never come

The time you spend with Me
Says Daddy-God
Is never a waste
Please know this as you journey through life

I care My children
And I wish you could see
How much
How very much indeed

I long children
Long for you
To come visit your Daddy’s heart
Ever so often

No My children, come
Please don’t listen to Satan’s lies
He is always out to destroy
But you should not allow him

Yes says Daddy-God
Become sure of who you are in My Son
Become sure of who you are as My child
I will carry you

Know this for sure
As many days are trying
Many days are hard

Come My children
Come closer to My heart
Come sit with Me

I have a special plan
And purpose
For each and every one of you
Do you know what it is?

Come children
Come find Me in all My beauty and splendor
Know I am waiting for you


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