New Beginnings

Never give up
Never give up
This is the song
Our Daddy so wants us to sing

Why is it that we do sometimes
Why is it that we forget
We are here for a reason
We are here for a purpose

Yes nobody ever said
It would be easy
They said it would be worth it
And this I believe

o Come child
You who have so little hope for the future
You who see them dim and not the light

Come child, come please
Hand Me your sorrows
Hand Me your pain
And know I can make it better for you

Nothing I cannot do
Daddy says
I can make all things brand new
I will give you a new start in life

o How beautiful
The beginnings of God
We can never lose sight
Of who God is and what He can do

A new start
A fresh beginning
Our Father’s heart is always
Heal the broken hearts

This is so very often
His mission in life
Come child, come and get to know Me better
Let Me show you the true meaning of life

I know what I’m busy with says Father
Since the beginning
I’ve been calling people
Back into My heart

Don’t be dismayed
Says Daddy-God
When things don’t always work out
The way you want it to be

I still have a plan
All things work together for good
To those who love Me
And are called according to My purpose

Know this today
Don’t be afraid
Don’t give up
Know I love you


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