Most amazing gift

For many years
I was lost
Never seemed to find
Until God found me

I’m so glad and happy
I got to say yes
To this most amazing gift
The gift of Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound
That ransomed me
I once was lost but now I am found
This is how the song goes

I’m so glad
I’m so thankful
I got to say yes
To the King of kings

Never ever
Did He think of giving up
Never ever did He think
o I’m not gonna do this anymore

No the King of kings
He gave Himself up for me
Never did He think twice
Never did He say ‘not again’

Oh no this God of ours
He is the Best
Since everything
Nothing or no-one compares to Him

I’m so thankful I found
I’m so thankful I got to say yes
And that every day has the opportunity
To grow closer to Him

o How wonderful is He
The wonderful things He did
The wonderful things
He is still doing until today

o, o God is great, just great!
I wish they could see
All the people who don’t believe
How very true this indeed is

I wish they could find
Just as I have found
I wish they could say yes
Just as I have said yes

Oh I wish
Let me rather pray
I say instead
For I know there is power in prayer

I pray for those today
I pray for them that need it most
Please will You open their eyes?

Please will You continue
To knock on the door of their hearts
Even if they’re committed to not open up
Please will You not stop, please will You continue on?

Yes says Abba-God
Yes My child
This I can do
For I love them much more than anyone ever could

I wish sometimes Abba says
I wish as well
That they will truly find
And then I make it My prayer as well

Yes says Abba-God
I pray for those who need it
I pray for those who are sick, broken and need it
So often as well

Children in My heart
And those not yet there
Please will you come closer
And just find

Yes never be afraid
To come closer
If you do, you do not know Me yet
The way I know you

Yes says Daddy-God
Many things I can and want to change
If only you would say yes

Say yes to coming closer
Say yes to finding all of Me
Say yes for all the right reasons
Say yes even if it is not something you really want

o Child
If you would only seek
You would find
This is what I would love for you to do

Don’t be shy
Don’t hold back
Dearest child those days are gone
Now only look ahead of you

The best is yet to come
The best can still be for you
Yes child don’t give up
The best is waiting on you


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