Free from chains

Pure Love is what I have found
In My Savior’s Love
He is so soft, He is so kind
The gentlest person to ever be found

I’m so glad
I opened my eyes
To receive this love
I’m so glad I said yes

Yes Jesus
You can come in
Yes Jesus
You can come fill my heart

So many beautiful things
You have deposited into my heart and life
Since the start
Since the day I said yes

o You have come
Father with the most precious and perfect love
Anyone in this world
Could ever hope to find

o Father-God You came
You came and made many things brand new
You gave me a start in life
With a new beginning

How can I ever
Say thank-you enough
How can I ever repay
Jesus what You did at Calvary

I came and gave you My heart child
I came to show you the way
I came for you to never again be alone
I came for you to be set free

o Come child
Come closer and see
There is nothing that needs repayment
Only love that needs to be received fully

o Come child
Come see
I did everything on the Cross of Calvary
You need only to believe

I came child
For you to be set free
Free from the chains
Always trying to entangle you

Free from addictions
Free to be whole in My love
Free to enjoy life fully
Free to not believe any lies

o Child I came
I came to restore
Everything that was broken and lost
When mankind said yes to sin in the Garden of Eden

o Child come, come and come see
I set you free so that nothing or no-one
Can ever again have dominion over you
o Child I came, I came for you to be free

I know many people do not see this
I know many do not believe
Or ask how this can be
Still child I tell you this is true

You need to believe Father-God says
In My Son that was sent
To pay the price for your sin
You need to believe

Son do not be afraid
Daughter come close
Come hear, come find
I am the only one

I am the truest God
That will ever live Father says
I sent My Son
So this whole world could be free

Children of this world
You should not hold back any longer
You should run into My loving and open arms
I am waiting for you

o Child come
Don’t tarry
Run child, run
Come into My loving arms

I sometimes wish Abba says
I wish you could feel
The love I carry in My heart
For each and every person in this world

I wish you could see
I wish you could feel
How lost I feel on the inside
When I cannot hear and feel you My children close to My heart

I really wish sometimes
You could just find
Even if just for a moment
The words I cannot say when I see you

o Child My love for you
Is everlasting to everlasting
I cannot stop to love you
Even if I tried

The oceans and depths of the sea
Does not have enough space
To contain or carry
The love I have for this world

o Child, dearest child
Never be afraid to come closer
To say Daddy
I want more

Nothing dearest child
Nothing makes Me happier
Than a child willing and so eager
To dig deeper into the beauties of My heart

Children o come
You can never have enough of Me
Not ever
I love you with the most precious love

o Children come
To Me
Your Heavenly Abba Dad

I cannot contain
The love I have for you
That is why Daddy-God says
I spilled it over in the beauty of creation

o Child can you not see
Can you not hear
The daily whispers of love
Telling you I am all around

I’m coming Abba says
For the purest bride
Those who called Me Daddy
Those who call Me Prince

o Child can you not see
Can you not come
o Child please
Come, closer

I want you Abba says
To love Me more
Than things of this world
I want you free

Dearest one come
Many things keep you from Me
Many things distract the devotion of your heart
That should belong to Me

Children please
Do not allow them to do it anymore
Do not allow them to be
Successful in their endeavours

o Children
The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy
Nothing good ever comes from his hands

Children I want you
To start believing Me and My Words
Much more
Than him and his words

He cannot tell truth, he is not truth
Children do you believe this?
Please can you open your heart to the fact
That the enemy is real?

He is not happy with us two
Having this conversation now
He is not happy with us two
Growing closer

That is why child
He will do anything in his power
To now convince you these words are not true
And you are imagining things

o Many things he will tell you
From it is lies, to deceit and no truth
To you’re not ready, this is not the time
Will you please not believe him?

o Come, come, come
I cannot say this enough
Will you please not allow the enemy to steal
One more second of the future we could have together?

I love you dearest children
And I so wish you could see
I am Truth
And there is None like Me

I am the only living God Father says
The only living god
Please think about this
None others can ever compare

I’m inviting you
Into My heart
The living god says
Come child, come, now is the time

Say yes and come
Come find I am truth
I love you so so much
And one of these days son, daughter you’ll be able to say

Taste and see that the Lord is good
The only living god
The one who has made new
And changed me from the inside out

All because you would have found
What I now say
All because you would’ve seen
This is real

I am no fairytale child
I’m no make-believe-story
I’m the real deal
The realest thing this world could ever find


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