Love is shown

My heart forever wants to sing
So thankful I am
That my heart seeked
That my heart found

o Child of God I am so happy
I found the King of kings
I’m so happy
I made Him King of my heart

I sometimes wish
I could tell more people of His love
For me and you
For everyone

My heart is sad
Many times over
When I see people and know
They do not know how much they are loved

I sometimes wish
I could make them see
I am often times so glad
I have found this truth

I’m so happy
Father says
It makes Me happy
When I see people free in My love

Free in My acceptance
Free in what I think of them
o Children do you not see
How happy your Father’s heart is

Yes says Abba-God
Dearest children you know
You know how tough it is for a child to believe this
If they cannot see

Yes child love is shown
Shown to those around
Shown to those
Who you say you love

Yes dearest children
It’s no difficult thing
Seeing is believing
This is said

Yes dearest children
This is true
Especially when it comes to love
And how it is shown

Many people will say
I love you
It is easy to say
Still how is it shown?

Father says yes I know
Many people on earth
Spend their money on someone
And then say you are loved

But dearest children I ask you
How can it be
When love is not only measured
By the things you buy

Yes says Daddy-God
Money is only one of the things
That can be used to measure love

I wanna ask you
Daddy says
How does your patience look
To you, your spouse and those around?

See child
This is what I would want you to ask
How is the pleasure
I give those around

Am I a blessing
Am I am burden
Dearest children
Start asking yourself this today

Yes My children
I can come
I can change your hearts
But tell Me will it stay?

See it’s too often
Daddy says
You measure love
In the amount of money sown

o Child can I teach you
Money does not look like love
If it’s not sown
In time and effort

Yes child it can be easy
To sow love
To sow money
But did it cost you something?

I’m talking dearest child
About what goes on in your heart
When you sow time
Love or money

Dearest children do you give
With a heavy or happy and light heart
Does it make you smile to think
Today I have made a difference

See dearest children
There are many of you Father says
You sow time and money
But you are never happy when doing that

Child that is not happiness
That is not what I mean when I say
Give of your heart
Give of your money

Come child please
Come and come see
I love you
You are My child

I just thought
I would share this with you
So next time you know
Am I burdened to give or do I do it with a smile

Don’t be burdened child
Ask Me to open your heart
To help you see things
In a non-materialistic eternal way

These are the things child
That will carry through all the way to eternity
Me in you, you in Me
Pure Love making a change in this world


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