The lies we believe about God

Beautiful words
Inside my King’s heart
Beautiful words
I don’t ever wanna get enough of

Daddy it would be my prayer
That You would help me every day
To just grow
A bit closer to You

o Yes Daddy
That is my heart’s desire
To always be in a place
Where I can hear You clearly

Yes Abba-God
I would love to know You more
More and more
Each day a bit better

How is it Daddy
That You get even more beautiful
The more I know You
The more I get to know You

Daddy I’m just convinced
You made the most beautiful thing
When You said
Daddy’s child please spend time with Me

Yes says Daddy-God
It is so
I would love for My children
Each and everyone to truly know Me

It’s just because
I am beautiful child
That you can say these things about Me
I am nothing ugly

o Child I wish you could see
I wish the whole wide world could see
Just how lovely
I am on the inside

Children of the world
They do not know Me says Daddy-God
I am more beautiful and radiant
Than the sun in the sky

Yes children of the world
You who do not know Me
You who hate Me
You who have no idea what you’re missing out on

I would need for you to come
So that I can convince
And tell you
You have it so wrong

Yes so so very wrong
When it comes to Me
So so very wrong
In what you believe about Me

I sometimes wish
Abba-God says
That I didn’t love this world so much
That I didn’t care

o Yes how much easier that would be
Then I would not need to be so worried
About all the souls
That do not know Me yet

o Yes
Easier that would be
So so much easier
Daddy says

Yes Abba-God says
Perhaps it would be best
If I just took the shorter road
And said dang it, I am done!

But o no
That I cannot do
My love for you and this world
Just keeps on preventing Me

It’s because I care
Daddy-God says
I care so much about the broken
Fallen and lost of this world

o Children
If I could just not care
How much easier
How much easier that would be!

Children will you come
Will you just come see
I need you

I need you to come child
I need you to see
Yes says Daddy-God please don’t be blind anymore
Please open your eyes

o How I love this world
How I love this world!
Children come
Come see!

You do not know Me
You do not know Me
Daddy says
To all those not caring a damn about Me

o You are so wrong
So so very wrong about Me
I wish I could make you see
Perhaps this letter of love and desperation will help you?

o Come child
Come see, come find
You have been so wrong
Believing all the nasty things about Me

I’m not who the world says
I’m so much more
I’m so much better

o Come child
Let Me hear you say
I will Daddy, I will come find

I long
I so so long
For people in this world to call Me Daddy
And to truly mean it from their hearts

I love how it is sometimes
Just the sweetest whisper
I love it child when I can hear
The vibration of adoration in your heart

o I love it!
I love it
I love it
Please child never stop

You have My approval
Now and forever
To call Me Daddy
To mean it when it is said

o Daddy Abba-God
Thank you so much
For confirming
A question in my heart

I’m not always sure if it’s right
I’m not always sure if it’s okay
Especially with people in the world
Saying it is so wrong

I love it Daddy
I just truly love it
When you care about me
Just much more than I will ever know

You care about the thoughts
Inside my heart
You care about the thoughts
I don’t even say

o How can it be
How can it be that You truly
Just become more beautiful
The more I know You

Daddy-God I pray
I pray today for all in this world
That do not know You
The way I do

Daddy please
Please open their eyes
Help their hearts to find You Daddy
Help them to see

o Come
o Come broken world
You who do not know My Daddy
You who do not care to know Him

Come child
Yes come
Broken child of this world
I am waiting for you

Just long enough Abba says
Just long enough
You are so so deceived
The time has come to open your eyes

Commit your heart to get to know Me friend
Commit your heart to find
And one of these days you’ll be able to also call Me Daddy
With the most beautiful love inside


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