Living Waters

Glory to the King
This is what my heart wants to sing
Forevermore 🙂

Daddy-God You are just so beautiful
And I am so very-very thankful
That I get to walk alongside You
Every day of this journey called life

Daddy-God I’m so thankful
Eternally grateful
That I got a chance to invite You in
Say Daddy-God please come in

I’m so thankful
For all the gifts You daily bestow
On me and my life
Daily saying I love you child

Daddy where would I be without You
I cannot fathom
It is not something I really ever wanna think about
Life just became so much better since the day I met you

I’m so thankful
I’m so grateful
Meeting You was the best thing
I could’ve ever asked for

Daddy You live inside my heart
I know
I feel it
Deep down on the inside

People wonder
Often think
You are not real
o How can they ever think this?

Hurt by their past
Hurt by their present
o Daddy I do not know
All I know is blindness has hit us

Yes Abba-God
If people in this life
Cannot see and find You for who You are
How sad that must be

I can just feel the pain for them
The deep despair
o Children you must come
You must come see I am the Fountain of Life

Living waters says Abba
Flow daily
From My heart to yours
That is if you are Mine

Dearest children
I cannot touch your heart
With living waters from Above
If you do not come

Please come says Daddy-God
Please I’m asking
Will you come
Find out who I truly am

Dearest children
Lost you will continue to feel
On the inside
If you do not come

I know how it feels on the inside
Says Daddy-God
I know
I can see, I can feel

That is why Daddy-God says
I’m inviting you to come
I’m inviting you to see
I am the only one

Living waters
Will flow over your soul
It will refresh the very dry areas
Upon the soil of your soul

o Children come
Come please see
The Fountain of Living Waters
Never can run dry

I am the Fountain of Living Waters
Daddy says
Believe Me, believe also My Son
We are one

Come son, daughter
Come see
I am the Living One

Nothing compares to Me
Daddy says
Nothing or no-one
Can and will ever come near

Dearest children of My heart
Dearest ones
Come closer, come see
Come find Me

I love you
Too much to say
Words cannot express
How I daily feel about you

o Daddy-God
If it was not for Your love
Where would we be
Lost and never found for sure

o Daddy-God please
Please come and live inside my heart
More and more each day
I do not want the fountain of Living Water inside of me to ever dry up

Yes says Daddy-God
This is something that very often
Happens to My children
They do not keep on feeding the soil of their soul

o Children please
Please come and understand
I love you
More than words can say

It’s My heart for you to understand
That without Me your heart will always feel dry
Quenching and thirsting for the Waters
Only I can give

o Children please see
Please find
I am the Only One
Who can offer living waters to the human soul

Yes says Daddy-God
Many waters through the ages have tried to quench
The thirst of My children’s hearts
But o how they have failed

Yes says Daddy
I am the Living Water
The Fountain
That never can run dry

o Come
o Come and see
Come and find
Dirty and foul waters can not give what I give

o They have tried
o They try still
But they cannot compare
To the Living Waters found in Me

o Yes says Daddy-God
The growth and fulfillment they carry
Is nothing like that of the fountain
Found inside My heart

o Children come
Come please
Believe in My heart
Come drink of the Waters that never can run dry

o More beautiful water
You will not ever find
It’s spotless and clean
No germ can ever survive inside

o Children come and come see
Your thirsty hearts will find
Never again will they ever long
For the polluted water outside

Children truth and lies
Will never work together
This is what causes the water that you drink from
To be so brown

o Children come
Do you not understand
Truth and lies mixed, disguised as truth
It’s a recipe for disaster

Come children come
Rather come and drink
Of the pure unadulterated
Waters of My Word

Yes says Daddy-God
Please allow the water of My Word to wash away
All brown stains still found inside of your heart
Don’t be shy, don’t be scared

Dearest children
It’s a beautiful thing
To be formed into the image of My Son
Don’t fear it, love it

It’s because every time you allow My Word
To wash away stains in your heart
You become more like Jesus
And that is truly inspirational

o Come children, come
I would love
For the fountain in My heart
To become the source of life in yours

I believe My child
Transformation it will bring
Hugely on the inside
Only beautiful things will spring forth

Beautiful things child
Beautiful things will start and continue to grow
As you make washing yourself with My Word
A daily thing

Don’t be afraid
Don’t be scared
Rather embrace My Word
And learn to love the Truth

My Word was never meant to hurt you
But if it does be happy
Because repentance leads to glory and happiness

Yes sorrow endures for but a moment
But joy cometh in the morning
Don’t fear growing with Me

Love never condemns
It always helps up
It always says you can
I believe in you

Children I sincerely hope
This is what you read between the lines
When Satan condemns you
And tells you you’re not good enough

You were never meant
To be good enough before you come
That is why My Son came

Godly Sorrow leads
Only to Good
It cleans the heart
It allows My Living Waters to flow inside

Yes children
Don’t ever fear tears
This is the most beautiful gift
I could’ve given you for the feet of Calvary

Yes My child
Tears has a way of washing the inside
Cleaning out all
That does not belong there

I love you child
And I would love for you to see
How washing yourself with My Word every day
Allows the Fountain of Living Waters to never run dry inside your heart


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