Remember who you are

I believe in you
I believe in you
Daddy says
I believe in you dear child

Yes many things
You have done wrong
Yes many times
You have been led astray

Can you see dearest child
How I am still here
Asking you
To please just turn around

Yes many things you have done
Things you are not proud of
Things you now think back on and say
How could I

Yes children
Many things
Many things you’re sure cannot be forgiven
And thrown into the depths of the sea

I want you to believe
I came for you
Yes you

My Son’s death
On the Cross of Calvary
Was for everyone
Yes even the very least of thee

o My child
If you would only come
You would be set free
Of all the guilt now chasing after you

My child
Sin comes to a stop at the Cross of Calvary
There where your darkness stands
Exposed before My glorious light

o I know
Many people believe this to not be true
They feel so ashamed
And are ready to live with it for all eternity

But o children
I have not made you
To live condemned
I have called you to live victorious lives!

o Children
This is how it will be
If only you would come
Bend down on your knees

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
Shame will leave your heart
Fear for death and life thereafter too
Come children, come and believe

No greater joy
Will you find dear child
As when on your knees
Committing your sins to the feet of Calvary

You will be free child
Set free
By the grace of God
And the blood of Jesus Christ

Will you believe
Will you come
The time is now
Dearest friend

For many years
I have also sit trapped
In the despair of disgrace and shame
But then I discovered the beauty of God’s light

Nothing more beautiful
You will ever find
Than being an open book to your Daddy-God
Ready for Him to read all the lines

o Yes
Ashamed I have felt
And ashamed is something
The enemy still wants to put on me sometimes

Still I have learned
Says Abba-God’s child
To run to my Daddy in those times
And embrace His perfect love

Yes My care and love is perfect for My children
And this is something I want them to specially remember
In times when they feel
Really hurt and disappointed in themselves

Children it is in times
Such as those
That you need to stand up
And remember who you are in My Son

Yes redeemed, loved
Forever forgiven
Never again to be lost
Or gone astray

Remember in those days
Dearest children
Who you are
And who you are in Me

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
All shame I can wash away
By the blood of My Son
And My glorious Light

Do not allow Satan dearest child
To let you stay and live in a place
Of condemnation, unworthiness
And not being good enough

No dearest child
This is not why you are called
Sons and daughters of the living God

Dearest child
Come, come on
Remove those shackles of shame
Stand up in the righteousness of Jesus Christ

Yes this is who You are
Remember and know this
In the times when the enemy comes
And tries to steal your true identity

You were bought with a price
Dearest children
A very high price
This is who you are

Don’t settle children
For the crappiness in life
No, remember you were made for more
And this, this is who you are

Stay always in the Light
My glorious light
There the shame cannot get a holding ground and grow
For it will be constantly outshined by the Son and what He did

To redeem your lives from sin
To redeem your lives from shame
So you each could live in the fullness of


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