Gifts we take for granted

Till the end of all time
Daddy-God says
I will love you
All the same

Yes says Daddy-God
I know
My love is not something you always believe
Nor talk about

Do you know
Says Daddy-God
My love is the reason
This world still exists

Yes says Daddy-God
You are always so eager
To profess and tell around
I am God the One who judge

Why is it that you always believe
Only the worst about Me
Why is it that you never come and find Me for yourself?

It’s always those
Who have the biggest mouths of negativity towards Me
Who know Me the least
This I would want you to know

Yes says Daddy-God
Please stop believing all those who bad-mouth Me constantly
And start to listen to those who don’t

Why don’t you love Me
Why don’t you love Me
This is something I ponder about often
Still I cannot see

I don’t understand
How you cannot love a God
Who loves you so completely
To eternity and back

How can you not see
I often times think
How can you not see
The love I bestow on you every day

How do you miss My love
When it’s all around
Can you not see the trees
The luscious green fields

o Children I wish you could see
The world through My eyes
I wish you could see
The world with Me not being here

o Children you would be so lost
You would live in darkness
Smile a commodity
No more to be found

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes My children
Every smile that you smile
Is a gift from above

o Imagine this world
Without smiling faces
Imagine this world
Without the beauty around

Children I understand
Many times
Your hearts are sad
You think o broken world

o Children
It’s Daddy’s heart and good pleasure
To just come
And once again focus your eyes on the good still around

Daddy’s children
My heart is to give you hope
Even in the midst of all the darkness
Surrounding you every day

Children, children
Those of the world and Mine
Many blessings around you have started to miss
You have started to not appreciate

Children many things you take for granted

Children please
Please do not do this anymore
Please ask Me to open your eyes
For the beauty around

Beautiful gifts My children
Beautiful gifts
A part of your everydays
How come you do not see them anymore?

Children, children
Start to imagine this world without the beauty around
The things you miss everyday

Take away
The smiling birds of the air
The happiness they sing with
Every day when they welcome the morn’

Children think about that
Think of how sad this world would become
If there was no birds
Singing in the trees

Let’s not even think about the others
Daddy says
The pink ones
The ones that walk around

o Children
How beautiful I have made creation
And this is something
You do not appreciate, love anymore

Children you take many gifts for granted
Not ever thinking anymore
Of how it would be
If it was not there

How would it be
If the sun did not shine
How would it be
Without the moon and its starry hosts?

o Children can you see
Can you see
There is still so much happiness and contentment
To be found in this world

Perhaps it is because
Daddy says
You no longer believe I am the Creator
And all exist because of Me

Perhaps it is because you have lost sight
Of just how great I am
Perhaps dear children
It is because you no longer believe

o Children
Come see
Come believe

You still have so many reasons
To be around
You still have so many things
To achieve with Me

Don’t give up now child
You have come so far
You can do this, you again can live with faith
Yes you can


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