Find God’s heart

Dearest child
I have been waiting
Says Daddy
When will you come?

Do you hear Me
Says Daddy
The times that I whisper inside your heart
The times that I say come?

o Dearest child
Daughter, son of the living God
There is nothing that this Daddy
Would want you to do more

I love you child
Daughter, son
Come find My heart in deeper love

Yes says Daddy-God
We barely scratched the surface
Child I would want you to know
There is so much more

Come child, come
To Me your Heavenly Dad

I want to give you wisdom
Says Daddy-God
Wisdom to do this life
Wisdom to pull through

I am so kind
Daddy-God says
I am so kind
Child have you found this yet?

o Child
I want you to come find
In a deeper way
Than you have ever found

Deeper says Daddy
Deeper child
o Come
Come and see what is waiting on you

I love you dearest child
And I want you to find
Come, come seek
And I will show you

I will show you what I have prepared
Father says
I will show all
Who are eager to pursue Me

o Child come
Don’t hold back any longer
I’m waiting on you
Will you come find?

A lost love
Abba says
This is who I am
To many of My children

They loved and knew Me once
But then they lost sight of Me
And never really cared
To return to Me

o Child I wish you could see
You barely knew Me
If you did
You would truly never separate from Me

Come child, come
Closer to My heart
I’m inviting you back in
Will you come?

Will you come say yes
To all that has been prepared
Don’t look back anymore
Don’t say no

Child for you to find
This is My heart
This has always been My heart
I love you


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