Treasure of a bowing knee

The burdens of my heart dear Jesus
They have become so heavy
I lay them down
I no longer can compete

They’ve won me
They brought me to my knees
It has taken me so long but I must admit
I have no strength to carry on

If my children would only understand
The greatest thing for them
Is to admit they do need help
For them to realise they cannot do it on their own

Sometimes it is difficult
To understand
Just why it is the toughest thing
For me to admit I do need help

Perhaps it is because
You are led to believe
You are a failure
Once you’ve asked for help?

Dear child it is no shame
To bend the knee
Let go of pride
And ask for help

There is no greater joy
Than admitting you are dependant
On the One
Called True King

Dependency is a good thing
It reminds you of Who I am
Why you need Me
And why I had to come

Don’t build your own kingdom
Admit that you do need Me
I long dear child to reveal to you
The enormous power in you when you are fully reliant on Me

I long to show you more
I can only do that once pride is removed
From your heart
And from your life.

Yes, Amen.