Unlock my heart

Do not lock your heart dear child
Do not lock your heart
That is what happens
When you allow fear to enter your heart

Dear child I can be trusted
With your heart
With your life
Please believe Me, you are safe in My hands

Father I repent
I come before you now
I ask you please
Teach me how to walk this road

Teach me how to not allow fear
Teach me to not shut you out
Teach me to open up
Wholly before You everyday of my life

Teach me to forgive
Those who have hurt me so much
Those who planned to kill me with their words
Those who wanted to bring me unto the enemy’s playfield

Father I do not want to be there
I want to stay close to Your heart
Abba please restore my faith
Let every part of me know Who You are

Help me Father to never again lock my heart
Help me to not allow fear to get a grip on me
It takes me into a state of panic
When I believe the enemy telling me I can not trust Your heart

Father-God please forgive me
For the times I shut my heart
It brings distance between me and You
Everytime I allow fear to enter my heart

Fear telling me that I have to fend for myself
Fear telling me that I have to pave my own way
Fear telling me that not all is safe in Your hands
Fear telling me that I can not completely trust Your heart

Father please bring me back
To a place of total dependence
Total trust in Who You are
And the fact that You will never let go of my hand

Father I come back
Thank you for forgiving me
Thank you for helping me to never again allow fear
Thank you for showing me how much You can be trusted with my heart.