Will you trust My heart?

Dear child I see your need
I know you know Me
I know you’re searching for more
I know how much you want Me

The longings of your heart
The desires I’ve placed there
They will be fulfilled
As long as you stay true to what I reveal

My heart for you children
Is so much more than you perceive
I long for children
Willing to search for My heart

Willing to surrender
Willing to obey
Willing to open up
Willing to trust Me

Dear child I know it is not
Always easy
I can see how your heart
Has been locked

All the pain from the past
They made you close your heart
Dear child please understand
You need Me there

You need Me to shine My light
You need to allow Me to come in
With healing hands I will touch your heart
With healing hands I will remove all fear

Dear child you need to trust My heart
Please, please understand
Open up, even if it is an inch
We need to start somewhere

I can only come in
The moment you ask
No matter how much I long to come in
I can only do so once you decide to trust My heart

We’ll take it slow, step by step
I will guide you, I will hold your hand
I see the desire to be healed
My greatest desire is to be the answer to your need

Trust Me dear child
Please make sure to move ahead
Do not let the pain
Remove you from Me

I’ve revealed more of the hurt
In your heart
For you to know there is more
The journey has just began

Hear the promise of My heart
All will be fine
Stay close to Me
Hold on until the end

Ask for help, Open up
I can only come in
When you allow Me in
Please, please remember this.