Hear the heart of the Father

I know your heart He says
I know every beat
Nothing you can hide from Me
Dear child, nothing

I made you
I love you
Herewith an invite
To come in and get to know My heart?

My heart for mankind
My heart for every human being
On planet earth
Will you come with Me on a road of discovery?

Before the foundations of the earth
Before Life began
I was there
With you in My heart

How I longed to get to know you
How I longed for you without pretend
I loved you before I knew you
And how I hoped I could get to know you

How I hoped
That you would feel the same
I knew some would not accept Me
I knew some would slam the door of their heart

Still I thought about you
The one now reading My heart
I knew you would listen
I knew My words would touch your heart

I came for you He says
The ones who would say yes
The ones who would see My heart
Behind all the lies the enemy would tell

I came because of Love
I came because of you
The bond we lost
The bond that was broken when men said yes

Yes to trusting the devil
Over the words of My heart
Yes to believing him
Over Me who trusted your heart

How I hoped you said yes
How I hoped you said no
No to the enemy’s lies
Yes to Me asking you to trust My heart

Today it is still the same
So many people taking for granted
The gift of free choice
The gift of free will

I cannot help it when you decide
To let yourself be set up against a wall
I cannot help it when you’re held up
With the enemy ready to cut your throat

I gave My words
I’ve showed you the Path of Life
Still you continue, by choice
To let go of My hand

How I wish our relationship
Broken by your yes to his voice could be restored
How I wish we could be reunited
Yes truly again

We could you know
We could
If you would surrender
Open up, bend the knee and ask Me in

Jesus, Lord and Savior of all
Ask Me to come in, to save your soul
Ask Me to restore all that was broken
Ask Me to fill your heart, fill your life

Till all you have is HOPE
Hope eternally
Hope that you will see Me
Hope that I will come and take you to where I am

To My Home
Eternal Peace, Eternal Joy
Eternal Me, Eternal you
Our bond restored