The Unpretentious You

Humbleness He says
What a beautiful thing
Being who you are
Without all the pretend

Do no put on a face
Hiding who you are
My fullness comes
When you’ve discovered who you are

The true you
The you I’ve created
Before the foundations of the earth
The you who was born in My heart

Dear child
No greater joy
You will experience or know
Once you are who I have made

Don’t pretend
Don’t fake
Discover who you are
Yes, who you are in Me

From the depths of your heart
From the depths of your soul
I can hear the cries
Lord please help me to be me

This pretend is killing me
I don’t think I can go on!
How much you need to be healed
How much you need to stretch out your hand

To Me your King
Your Creator
The One who knew you
Before all began

Dear child do not run away
Do not turn your back on Me
I long to heal your heart
Take all the brokenness outside

I want to heal your heart
Please dear child, come to Me
Take down the facade
Let go of pretend

A happy face
Looks good and well
A broken heart
Who can fix it but Me?

Let go dear child
Of all the securities you hold dear
Let Me show you My heart
Let Me lead you to a you-unpretend

The YOU you were
When Life began
In My heart
You will find the true you