An Icy Heart

The iciness
Of an ice-cold heart
How it is worse
Than the darkest winter’s night

No warmth are able
To enter their hearts
How I am unable
To lit My light

You do not realise
By keeping Me out
You will stay out in the cold
Unable to warm up

Yes with the love of My heart
How you need a touch of My love
My embrace, My heart is the only thing
Able to lift the coldness from your heart

I’m freezing
It’s sooo cold
Dear child you’re heading for certain death
If you stay out in the cold

Open your heart
Let Me lift the veil from your eyes
You’re sure to freeze
If you continue to stay where you are

You need to come in
You need to let go
Come into My House
Let go of your past

In My Presence there is all the heat
Needed to warm up
Your body, soul and spirit
Let it be lit up

With My fire
My hope
My healing
My love

I am the Source of hope, peace, healing
In Me all the coldness will go
In Me eternal warmth will come
Do not stay out in the cold