Who can I ask?

I need your heart He says
I need your heart
I do not need words only saying
That I am your first love

I need honesty from your heart
I need a heart not far from where I am
I need a heart surrendered
I need hearts who will trust Me until all pass

Will you be the one?
The one I can trust
With My heart?
My work?

I have a plan to establish My heart
I have a plan to establish My Kingdom
Here on the earth
Can you be trusted with the works of My hand?

If you will surrender
If you will give up
Your plans, your desires
How eternally great your reward will be

You might not understand
You might not see My heart
Still dear child will you continue
To trust the works of My hand?

I have a plan
How I want you to be a part
A part of My grand story
A part of My heart

I need more than words
I need action
Please will you obey
When I speak to your heart?

Is far greater than sacrifice
Is what I ask

Who can I trust with My heart
Who can I send
Will you go when I ask
Can you be trusted with My heart?