Book of promises

If you will keep your eyes
Fixed on Me
You will never be forsaken
You will never feel lost

It is because you take
Your eyes from Me
It is because your faith
Is removed by fear

Do not allow the voice
And the lies of the enemy
To pierce your heart
Do not allow him into your heart

You sit on his lies
Allowing them to bear fruit
Fearful words, discouraged hearts
Can you see dear child how they have grown?

Remove them from your heart
Pluck them out
Rather plant promises of Hope
How much they are found in My heart

My Word is My heart
You know
Not the answers of the world
I AM THE ANSWER you so seek

Anything and everything
I can change dear child
If only you will believe Me
And yes take Me at My Word

Blissful moments you could have
Once you’ve shared My company
Dear child I long to talk to you
Please will you come and hear My heart?

If you will open up
What I have handed this world
You will get to know Me
My Word, yes the Bible it is called