Hopeless places

How glorious amazing
When prayers are answered
How tough to keep on believing
Especially when nothing can be seen

That is faith dear child
Believing when all you see
Is failure
And without hope

I am the glimpse of Light
In the dark place He says
If you will seek My face
And trust Me

Good things take time
Nothing happens overnight
I’m working on your fullness
The completeness of who you are in Me

If only you will keep on
Trusting Me
Not seeking any other
Not listening to the offers that the world brings

They can only offer you
Glimpses of hope
I am Hope He says
I use the world, I use men

Still I am the answer
Just keep your focus on Me
Not on the troubles
And cares of the world

Look at Me He says
I am the fulfillment
The Answer
The Hope to all you seek