Eyes of Faith


Do not give up dear child
Do not give up
Hear the heart of the Father
He says do not give up

You say dear Lord
I’ve cried so many times
I’ve prayed so many times
Still look around, all is still the same

Dear child
You need to look with eyes of faith
These eyes must direct your words
What you say you must get

Speak life and abundance
Over the hearts of your children
Speak My will
Ask that only it will be done

Protect them with your love
Guard them with your words
Speak words of encouragement
Do not break them down

They need to know
That they can come
They need to know
That you’re still there

Keep on praying dear child
Do not give up
Words of faith
I will speak into their hearts

Letting them know
That there is more
Letting them know
To believe for more

More than what they have now
More than what they can possibly ask
If you will ask
They could have

Life and abundance
Speak it over their hearts
Their lives, who they are
In Jesus mighty name