A Devil’s Joyride

Darkness lingers at your heart
I want to take you for a ride
Let’s go for a spin
It will be fun he says

How easy we believe the enemy
How quick we are to take him at his word
Every word we take so easy
Believing every deceptive word

We think about a night of fun
Never about the consequences
One not-thought-through decision can bring
Never about the morning thereafter

We’ll have a blast
We’ll take no responsibility
We’ll do just what we want to
Not thinking about another thing

If only this night could last forever
You think
If only I really never needed to think
Or worry about anything

Thing is
It never does
Do not allow him
To make your voice forever still

Deception starts so sly
Making you believe you’ll have a jol
Never advising you or bringing to your attention
The end of this joyride is always not fun