Knock knock, who’s there?

The tenderness of a broken soul
The frailty of a broken heart
How I long to give you hope
If only you will choose My way

I can offer you
What no one else are able to
Not the prince of darkness
Nor the pleasures of the world

What you long for deep down in your heart
I will give you if only you would open up
A hand of forgiveness is stretched out to you
When o when will you bend the knee and ask Me

To forgive you
To come in
To give you hope
To live in you

Dear child that is my greatest desire
For you to be My child
For you to have relationship with Me
For you to talk to Me, share your heart every day

If only our relationship
Could grow in strength
If only you would open up
And invite Me in

I see your weaknesses
I see your pain
Do not allow them to shut your heart
As you are, you are called to be Mine


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